Welcome to the website of Van der Salm Bros.

Van der Salm Bros. Ltd. is a modern company situated on the Kooiweg in Boskoop. We specialise in the cultivation of Lavender. Furthermore our assortment consists of Boxwood, Gaultheria, Pinus Pinea and Picea Glauca.

The combination of a close team, enthusiastic co-workers and continued investment in automation processes enables us to offer our clients:

  • a uniform product of high quality over a long period of time.
  • a guaranteed short processing time between order and delivery.
  • no hassles with regards to stickers, labels, designing of private labels, delivering of photo material etc.

Since 2012 we have one location available for the improvement of new races and the testing of existing races. Our goal is to find new races which will be an addition to the existing assortment and to further perfect our knowledge of cultivation and techniques.